Past to Present Genealogy Services was founded in 2018, after my ten-year hobby of genealogy research changed into a career.

I have been conducting genealogy research for the last seven years and my own personal family tree for the last ten years.  During this time, I have researched more than thirty different family trees with roots across the world.  I've successfully helped multiple families generate a better understanding of where they come from.

In addition to this experience, I also hold a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, and minor certificates in International Studies and Social Anthropology.  

The locations and time periods with which I have the most experience in researching include:

  • Eastern United States (1700s - Present)
  • Eastern Europe (1800s - Present)
  • Mayflower Descendants (1620s - Present)
  • Mid-West United States (1700s - Present)
  • New England States (1620s - Present)
  • Western Europe (1800s - Present)

It is my goal to provide you with accurate, concise information rooted in ethical content and distribution, in addition to being affordable and easily accessible.  Past to Present offers competitive rates and unique research packages to fit your specific needs.

I firmly believe that we do not know where we are going unless we know where we come from and I'm so excited to help you uncover your family story!


Rachel Peck

Owner of Past to Present Genealogy Services, LLC